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Rebecca Castillo: Owner

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” -Theophrastus

Call or Text: 806-420-1395

Email: atozirp@outlook.com

Services offered:

  • New IRP Account
  • IRP Renewals
  • Supplements: Add/Delete Units
  • Delete Unit & Apply for Refund
  • Replace Plates / Cab Card
  • Online Access to IRP Account
  • Can Visit Local DMV to Pick Up Plates & Cab Card
  • Can Make Arrangements to send Plates & Cab Card via Fed Ex
  • New IFTA Account
  • File Quarterly IFTA Reports
  • File 2290
  • Help On-Board Owner Operators to your Business
  • and any additional Trucking Related Services upon Request

A to Z IRP has a 100% opening rate for New Texas IRP accounts! On average, most new IRP applicants can make up to 5 visits to their local DMV regional service center, before they have all the applications and documents to open their new account. I take the guesswork and hassle out of the application process for New IRP Accounts. I’ve helped clients apply for a New IRP Account, having their plates issued the same day, in their hands within 24 hours, and without them ever having to step foot in a Texas DMV Regional Service Center. A to Z IRP knows you’re busy. Let A to Z IRP take care of your IRP and/or IFTA needs. Already have an IRP Account? A to Z IRP can help your business submit your IRP Renewal as soon as you provide the required documents. A to Z IRP can get you squared away. You just bought a new unit and need to add it to your IRP account- A to Z IRP can do that too. A to Z IRP can also take care of your IFTA Quarterly Reporting. We save you time and keep you from paying penalties for late filing. Late on filing your Quarterly reports, get us what we need and we can get that filed ASAP!

Owner Operators, did you know you can open a Registrant Only Texas IRP Account? Give me a call to find out about the advantages of owning your own IRP plate.

Trucking Companies, imagine never having to step foot in your local DMV Regional Office again. I can conduct IRP business on your behalf and make arrangements to Fed Ex your plates and cab cards to you. You don’t need to worry about whether you filled out the right applications, have the required documents needed to conduct IRP transactions, and be turned away time and time again. Let me take care of the IRP, so you can focus on your trucking business.

If you need to file for a 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, apply for a new IFTA account, file your quarterly IFTA reports, renew your UCR, file your quarterly mileage reports for New York, New Mexico,&/or Kentucky- A to Z IRP can help you with that.

If you have questions about IVDRs, ELDs, Mileage, and Fuel record keeping … give A to Z IRP a call.

A to Z IRP can establish reminders to submit your mileage records and required documents to us. Then we can enter your renewal information and submit your required documents to Texas DMV and/or file your Quarterly IFTA reports on time every time!

You don’t have to chase us down to stay on top of your paperwork! You are not just another number to us. A to Z IRP is here to give you peace of mind. My professional approach is to make this as painless as possible, by immediately getting to work to help keep your business running successfully by taking care of your IRP and/or IFTA needs.


TRUCKING COMPANIES–if you’re looking for someone with experience in renewing your Texas IRP, adding units, deleting units, replacing lost plates, or maybe you are not sure how to get your trucks registered or if you even need apportioned plates—I’m here to help. Maybe the person who was taking care of your IRP division quit, left you in a lurch, and you don’t know where to start–Give me a call. Do you need help onboarding owner-operators? Onboarding owner-operators can require time and diligence. I can step in and work with the owner-operator to determine what is needed to get them leased on to your company. This can include submitting the required documents to our local county tax office and working with Texas DMV to get them added to your Texas IRP account. Perhaps you’re tired of being just another number in those big record-keeping companies, who keep dropping the ball—Let me show you how I do business!

Are you looking for immediate and professional help? Give me a call at 806-420-1395 and let’s develop a game plan to get you rolling, keep you rolling, and rolling in the dough. Let A to Z IRP take care of your IRP and IFTA needs!

Your needs will be met and processed as fast as you can provide me with what I need. I’m just a phone call, text, and/or email away from helping you. Your business is not just another account or number... A to Z IRP is here to get your IRP and IFTA taken care of! You won’t have to chase us down to get the job done! Let me put your mind at ease!

Whether you just bought your first semi-truck and are unsure where to start or you’re a seasoned trucker, and the last thing you want to worry about is paperwork… I’m here to help you.

If you don’t have time to go to any of the Texas Regional Service Centers– I can save you time by processing your request online and submitting your documents via email on your behalf to save you a long-distance trip. Arrangements can be made for me to pick up your plates and get them to you as soon as possible via FedEx, UPS, or USPS.


My name is Rebecca Castillo. I have over 11 years of experience working with Texas IRP. My knowledge and expertise come from working for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for over 7 years. I also worked for the Texas DPS Driver License Division as an Examiner, which included administering road testing in all kinds of commercial vehicles. I also worked for the Virginia DMV for over 6 years. If you’re in Oklahoma, I also have experience with opening new IRP/IFTA accounts, IRP Renewals & IFTA Quarterly Reports, and adding/deleting units too. Overall, I have over 20 years of experience working with and around commercial vehicles.

Give me a chance to help you with all your Texas or Oklahoma IRP needs.

806-420-1395 Give me a call and let me help you take a couple things off your to-do list.

Below, you can send me your contact information and I’ll remind you 60 days before your Texas IRP expires.

Let me know how I can help you!

Se Habla Español!

Services Provided

Applying for a New Texas IRP Account can be daunting and exhausting, but I’m here to help you understand what you’ll need to open your account. I’ll get the applications filled out. I’ll double-check your required documents to prevent any delays with your paperwork. I’ll compile your applications, and required documents and submit them to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Not sure if you even need apportioned plates– give me a call. I’m here to get you taken care of … so you can focus on the road.

Already have an IRP Account and just need additional services? I can help you file your Renewal on time or if you’re already past due – get you taken care of as soon as you get me the required information. Did you lose or damage your apportion plate(s)- we can get those replaced ASAP. Need to add and/or delete units to or from your existing Texas IRP Account, need to apply for a Refund, help you apply for online access to your Texas IRP Account, we can help you with all of that. Need help with something not listed, give us a call and we will see what we can do or get you pointed in the right direction.

Additional services I can help you with: I can help you submit your IFTA application, and file your IFTA Quarterly reports on time to help prevent penalties for late filings. Need to onboard an out-of-state owner-operator, I can take point and work with them to get the necessary paperwork to create the record through the county tax assessor’s office and then get the required documents together to get them added to your apportioned account. Give me a call and let’s get a game plan together to help you keep rolling.